Spider Fox Press Kit

DEVELOPER:  Planet 47 Games
STEAM:  https://store.steampowered.com/app/2478640/Spider_Fox/
WEBSITE:  http://planet47games.com/
EMAIL:  contact@planet47games.com

RELEASE DATE:  April 3rd, 2024
PLATFORMS:  Windows (Steam)


A ridiculous, web slinging adventure game where you play as a Spider Fox. The Mad Scientist has made some wild animal combinations. Climb, use Grappling Webs, and other items to overcome his obstacles to save them all.

Your goal is to cure all of the combined animals and defeat the Mad Scientist. Upgrade things like Web and Climbing Levels as you go. Collect items and collectables to help you navigate through map challenges and save the animals.

Have fun using Grappling Webs to swing through the air and help you on your quest.

Tons of ridiculous combined animals to see and cure. You help the animals and not hurt them.

Overcome the Mad Scientists enemies and obstacles.

Find treasure chests, hidden items, coins, and other collectibles to help you on your way.



Game History:

Spider Fox is currently in development and is available for wish-listing through STEAM™. The game’s concept was inspired by the developer’s five year-old son, who offered a lot of feedback and ideas. Together they wondered what would happen if they combined the scariest thing in the world, a spider, with one of the cutest things, a fox, and out from that premise grew a fascinating world of ideas. What began as a personal pet project grew into the amazing game it is today something for him to play and mess around with. He loved playing the game so much I decided to make it a complete game.

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